Hinterland22 Startup Exhibition

This were the most innovative European B2B tech startups.


With Aitme we are building a fully automated robotic kitchen focused serving food to the employees as a first vertical. The Robots are either fully operated by us or by the companies through catering companies. Employees order through a mobile app directly from their desk, can completely customise all orders and each dish is cooked freshly and individually. Typical dishes are based on pasta, rice or salad, but there are endless possibilities.

EASI Control

Due to their working condition with changing, decentralized teams and work sites, construction companies have unique challenges in their management of HSE. It is side-lined as an unpleasant hassle as there is rarely a specialized person for it. This not only has financial consequences for the companies, but also for society. The costs of production downtime caused by incapacity to work in the construction business has been 4.6 billion Euro in 2018, in Germany alone.

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Finally a smart factory that works! ekko is the all-in-one solution to optimize your factories, warehouses or distribution centers digitally, transparently and sustainably. By combining the unique ekko platform and a range of hardware, such as e-paper labels, material and information flow processes can be digitized out-of-the-box. While an average assembly plant prints more than 10 million pages of paper annually, ekko significantly reduces your CO2 emissions. However, digitizing paper-based processes not only completely eliminates paper and toner costs, but also drastically reduces search, run or training times. With ekko, production processes can thus be mapped virtually as a digital twin.

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Finway is a comprehensive financial operating system for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to perform simple, error-free, digitized and automated financial processes. We combine holistic spend management, virtual and physical company cards, preparatory accounting, budget planning, reporting as well as liquidity management in one single software solution.

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Fusion Bionic

Fusion Bionic is a solution provider for laser-generated functional surfaces using a unique laserbiomimetic technology called Direct Laser Interference Patterning, in short DLIP. This makes it possible to create groundbreaking technical surfaces on which, for example, ice does not stick (anti-icing for e.g. aviation), glass surfaces of smartphones do not reflect (anti-reflective) and implants are better accepted by the body (biocompatible, antibacterial).

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​​Lhotse is the plug-and-play procurement execution platform for indirect procurement. With its innovative approach, Lhotse makes hidden supplier data actionable in a seamlessly automated procurement process and enables the procurement department to free capacities (70% process time reduction) while obtaining full transparency and strategic insights over spend and supplier relations.

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Novo AI

NovoAI’s vision is to build a holistic platform that connects to all existing I-IoT sensors to gain visibility and control over the production line of one or even multiple factories.


numi is an intelligent supply chain advisor, enabling integrated & automated supply chain decisions by using AI on top of transactional ERP data, to help supply chain teams to holistically improve KPIs through prioritized recommendations. Through AI and an intuitive UI, your team is equipped with all information they need to make optimal decisions. Among others, numi considers the performance of suppliers, forecasts, and the purchasing behavior of customers, enriched with external data, to reduce working capital and maximize service levels.

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RobCo was founded in 2020, on a basis of 7 years of research at the industry-leading chair for robotics and AI at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Our vision is to enable robots for everyone. We want to offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to utilize our robot kit to intuitively automate their production. With our tailored All-in-One robot solution, we accompany SME’s in their transformation process to Industry 4.0.

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saasmetrix is the cockpit for all SaaS subscriptions. With saasmetrix you can keep track of all your SaaS tools, detect forgotten licenses, onboard new employees with all tools in one click and optimize your SaaS tool inventory.


SPARETECH is the SaaS platform that enables manufacturing companies to digitize their spare parts and sustainably reduce inventory, costs, and CO2 emissions by purchasing availability guarantees from thousands of suppliers. The web application simplifies the automation of processes from identification to the ordering of machinery and equipment spare parts. In the process, intelligent matching algorithms automatically check existing material data and new spare parts lists for duplicates and discontinued components. Incomplete data records are enriched with original manufacturer information.

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Stryza is a B2B SaaS platform that brings the future of work to the industrial shopfloor. Actually 90% of companies agree that more empowerment of frontline staff is crucial to their success, yet only 23% of frontline workers feel empowered. This is especially problematic in industrial manufacturing, which relies heavily on manual work process and is already loosing around half a trillion euros globally every year due to inefficient human activities.

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Summetix can extract the essential information from large text collections (customer feedback, social media, online articles) using Deep Learning methods and a patent-pending training data generation process. The content found is then grouped and summarized into main topics. In this way, key problem areas can be captured much faster and more precisely than with previously available machine language processing technologies (esp. sentiment analysis, entity recognition).

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Climate change affects us all – with SUSTAYN we offer companies a simple tool to aid a sustainability transformation. Our app starts with the core of every corporation: the employees. We want: – to impart sustainable knowledge in a playful way, – create incentives for sustainable behaviour in the company and – enable participation in the sustainability strategy. Our mission is to help companies transform into an enviromentaly aware and sustainable business. SUSTAYN works from the inside out and starts by teaching employees more about sustainability in a playful manner.

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Synctive brings subscription models to mechanical engineering. The central management system supports easy implementation and efficient operation of equipment-as-a-service and pay-per-use business models. Thus, machine builders achieve sustainable competitiveness, higher margins & stronger customer loyalty through customer-centric service contracts.


Tanso’s software enables the data-driven decarbonization of industrial companies to reach net-zero. Having full transparency on environmental data represents a structural barrier for Mittelstand companies on their decarbonization journey. Tanso’s end-to-end environmental management platform removes this barrier by supporting companies at every step of the way, from data collection across complex organizations and supply chains, to reporting standard-compliant GHG-emissions and identifying actionable reduction measures.

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In times of a massive increase in cyber-attacks, trust has become a valuable asset in business interaction. Innovative & technological solutions from start-ups are now viewed critically and seen as an incalculable risk, while long-term partnerships in the Mittelstand are being put to the test by massive supply chain attacks. TrustSpace mission is to develop a holistic IT compliance platform that start-ups and SMEs can use to build their information security in an automated and scalable manner.

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Tvarit’s TiA (Tvarit Industrial AI) platform has readymade AI algorithms for process optimization and scrap reduction in Metal factories.


Workist seamlessly connects suppliers to their B2B buyers through its business connectivity AI: Incoming purchase orders and other business transactions (sometimes thousands of PDFs/emails/faxes every single day) are automatically and instantly processed, validated and transferred to your ERP system – at zero integration costs. With >90% full automation and 100% data accuracy, Workist saves significant resources in sales and procurement, while simultaneously boosting your customer satisfaction.


Do you need to explain your products to sell them? Especially through employees, such good advice is very expensive. Besides, all employees give different advice and in the worst case, even wrong advice. And is your sales force equally well informed in every country?
If you can think of more than 10 potential questions to advise on your products, then you should rely on digital advice that scales. The balanced combination of artificial intelligence and real expert knowledge saves you more consulting time after just one month than you invested on setting up your digital sales channel with Phaina SaaS.

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