Hinterland23 Startup Exhibition

These are the most innovative European B2B tech Startups. Meet the exhibitors at Hinterland23 and find out what B2B value chains will look like.


ContractHero is a fast-growing, Berlin-based B2B SaaS startup that develops an innovative tool for managing contracts. ContractHero digitizes and analyzes contracts and their components (terms, deadlines, partners etc.) automatically and visualizes them digitally in the dashboard. This way, customers gain control over their contracts, transparently manage their business relationships with customers and service providers, and also avoid missed contract deadlines and additional costs.


goodcarbon provides companies that want to compensate residual greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a biodiversity as well as social impact with the toolbox to navigate and access high-quality Nature-based Solution projects and related verified carbon credits. goodcarbon has developed a proprietary Quality and Transparency Framework to quantify the impact, risk and integrity of Nature-based Solution projects. Through their software suite companies can invest into existing and future carbon credits  from vetted Nature-based Solution project – without any brokers or middlemen – and can manage all subsequent use cases. By converting Nature-based Solution projects into investible financial products, goodcarbon creates a sustainable funding stream for project owners and offers companies the ability to hedge their long-term carbon credit exposure already today.

core sensing

Core sensing is a partner for component and plant manufacturers who want to smartify their mechanical products. A unique selling point is the integrated sensor, which makes loads measurable inside metallic components and then interprets and wirelessly transmits them on site. This form of integrated & intelligent components, such as sensing drive shafts or couplings, sets new standards in terms of robustness, ease of handling and measurement capability.
In addition, core sensing offers a modular IIoT toolbox consisting of sensor, electronics, cloud and data analytics solutions, which enables partners to drastically accelerate their own development of smart components and to rely on the expertise of an experienced partner. With the help of highly customized sensor solutions, new product features and added values are easily created, such as predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, (worker) assistance systems or even new business models.


Introducing VoiceLine, the ultimate sales intelligence solution for your field sales team. With VoiceLine, your field sales representatives can effortlessly document hundreds or thousands of customer interactions per week using the ease and speed of voice, combined with the power of AI. Reduce documentation efforts by 80%, saving up to 5 hours of sales time per person weekly. Managers and teams gain valuable insights and real-time visibility from our AI-powered analytics platform, which systematically evaluates the diverse qualitative data collected from voice.

VoiceLine AI empowers sales teams with comprehensive, AI-driven insights for detecting unexpected market changes, improvement opportunities, initiative tracking, and coaching.

Designed as a plug-and-play solution to work with all major CRM or ERP systems, VoiceLine requires close to no IT support, enabling you to start using it within minutes.

Experience the future of field sales productivity with VoiceLine. Elevate the efficiency of your sales operations to new heights, free up active selling time, shorten sales cycles, and improve win rates by knowing what’s really happening in the field. Get started today and unleash the full potential of your sales force.

Lene Health

Cards on the table! For far too long, mental illness was considered a taboo subject, and working and overtime until the doctor came was considered desirable. But mental health is neither a private matter that takes place only within one’s own four walls, nor a privilege reserved for individuals. Everyone has a right to it, always and everywhere – even and especially in the workplace.

Our mission? We make mental health at work a full service and are the shoulder to lean on that everyone needs at one time or another. We take on what many fail to do because of a lack of knowledge, time and resources: the implementation of the „risk assessment of mental stress“ prescribed in the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG). Goodbye incomprehensible legal texts and paper chaos – hello Lene Health.

And the best part? Increased employee loyalty, reduced sickness costs and lost days, and increased attractiveness for Gen Z are simply added as goodies, without further burdening HR departments. Lene Health is a digital, holistic solution for now and the future;for employers, employees and the next generation of the labor market. Everyone talks about mental health – we just do it.


rhome‘s mission is to simplify cross-border work for all parties involved, providing solutions to complex legal and administrative issues that arise for HR departments and employees. Mobile work abroad, business trips, or assignments – working abroad often poses complex legal issues and administrative burden for companies and HR departments. rhome provides a solution to eliminate all these obstacles for both employers and employees. The automated individual risk assessment provides not only security but also concrete suggestions for risk minimization, while the intuitive workflow management minimizes administrative burden for all parties involved.


mysupply is a powerful B2B SaaS solution that automates the sourcing process in procurement, delivering an average of 11% spend savings and reducing operational effort by 50%. By leveraging the power of Machine Learning and AI, mysupply streamlines procurement operations and reduces manual labor costs. It also uses algorithmic game theory designed by negotiation experts to drive clever negotiations. With mysupply, companies can experience smarter sourcing processes with less effort, while still delivering better results. mysupply connects with leading procurement solutions, like SAP Ariba, and takes care of the entire sourcing process for both tactical and tail spend. It allows category managers to streamline the process and automate steps, enabling fully autonomous sourcing.


We are a corporate start-up of the Phoenix Contact Group, but our product is one developed from industry.

The open software platform MORYX has been tested and hardened by more than ten years of use in industry and series production. Many improvements to the product and experience in the processes have been incorporated, which we can now pass on to our MORYX customers.

To date, we have successfully implemented around 45 applications at the Phoenix Contact Group’s worldwide locations – including Blomberg and Bad Pyrmont in Germany, as well as at sites in Poland and China.

We also support our external customers in the digitization of the factory with the same passion.


Oxolo is a generative AI company with text-to-video solutions for ecommerce, ads an communications. With Oxolo you can auto-generate product videos and video content with one click.

Mate Software

Mate is the first no-design creation tool, that enables really anyone to create visuals without any design effort permanently in your Corporate Design. Within seconds marketers, product experts, sales agents and all other departments have the possibility to communicate on brand and self-sufficient. Mate is already used by small, medium and big enterprises like BASF, ThyssenKrupp, Engel & Völkers, Böllhoff and so many more. Learn more about Mate at Hinterland 2023!


A352 offers the Financial Navigator – a powerful software solution enhancing the decision-relevant financial data for Mid-Caps and large SMEs. The Financial Navigator combines the best features of treasury management systems and corporate performance management solutions in one platform. Our solution creates transparency for decision makers and finance teams.

The Financial Navigator integrates and aggregates all relevant financial information in one platform, enabling seamless collaboration between departments and teams – independent of geography and corporate structure.


Apiday is an innovative software platform that collects, measures, and manages every aspect of ESG data, delivering sustainability reporting, carbon calculations, customized improvement plans, and ESG certifications to SMEs, VCs, Private Equity, and Enterprise clients. Apiday is revenue-generating and rapidly growing, supporting over 300 organizations on their ESG journey from start-ups and VCs to billion-dollar, listed enterprises.
Apiday leverages a robust ESG data model, powerful AI tools, and human ESG expertise to provide end-to-end sustainability data management and performance. As a home-grown Parisian start-up with global ambitions, we are especially excited to participate in Hinterland.

VisionAI / Recommendy

As former online retailers ourselves, we used to see, on a daily basis, that most powerful AI technologies are time-consuming and expensive to integrate. With VisionAI we want to change that and make access to AI as easy as possible for all retailers.

We empower ambitious online retailers with AI technologies that, up until now, were only available to industry giants because of their stranglehold on data. We have built a platform through which retailers can connect several AI tools to their stores, instantly bringing them to the next level.

These technologies include tools that automatically find matching accessories for any product in the store, the world’s best search based on visual AI, and the ability to offer Shop The Look like Zalando or SHEIN.

VisionAI fights against a system in which lifeless marketplaces literally burn returned items, underpay employees, and fuel a perpetual price war to dominate the online market.

We dream of a flourishing eCommerce landscape shared by numerous individual stores, each with a compelling shopping experience. We work hard every day to achieve this goal.

Making eCommerce “insanely great ‟.


OCELL helps to maximize ​the potential of our forests as carbon sinks ​to make a significant contribution ​to climate mitigation.​
With OCELL’s ‚Dynamic Forest‘ software, forestry companies can manage their forests more efficiently and sustainably. ​For this purpose, aerial photographs are processed with additional data sources and AI into ‚digital twins‘ of the forest. These provide insights into forest growth, current CO2 storage capacity, and predict optimal forest management, among other things.​
Based on the data collected in the software, OCELL will also launch high-quality ​CO2 certificates this summer. ​The idea is that forest owners will no ​longer be paid solely for logging but ​for the preservation of healthy forests as well. ​At the same time, companies will take ​financial responsibility for (non-reducable) ​emissions and support climate projects.​
However, CO2 certificates are often (rightfully) criticized. Yet, the idea is crucial. ​While CO2 reduction must be prioritized, ​we can’t achieve the 1.5-degree target without carbon sinks. ​That’s why OCELL will introduce ​data-driven and reliable CO2 certificates ​to support climate mitigation.​

Beam Technologies

Beam builds generative AI agents that help organizations automate repetitive manual tasks, boost productivity, and enable teams to focus on the work that really matters. Powered by LLMs and custom databases, our agents seamlessly integrate with business applications to automate any repetitive task teams encounter in their day-to-day. From Product and Innovation to Sales, Marketing or HR – AI agents are customized to the needs of corporate staff, easy to set up, and support teams where they need them most.


We find better Materials for a better future. ExoMatter developed an AI-based and data-driven materials R&D platform to help chemical and manufacturing companies find better materials faster with an edge in cost, sustainability and performance data. We create a shortlist of the top-ten material candidates from theoretical datasets with millions of materials specifically for the customer’s application. We do so through Data Mining & Machine Learning while enriching the data with own calculations and applying a multidimensional optimization algorithm (e.g. performance, cost, CO2 footprint).
The company is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and has been launched in 2022. Since our incorporation, we have won first customers in the automotive, academic and aerospace sector and brought the company to a strong upward trajectory. Our next big milestone

GDEXA Digital Labs

Hiring based on skills, not degrees. LIYA is changing the game in digital recruiting. We provide free micro-learnings for youngsters to upskill them with future skills and prepare them for the digitized life of work. The top talents get blindly matched with organizations purely based on their skills – without grades, certificates or personal information. And the candidates are also seeing only the corporate culture and benefits of their future employers, not the brand itself. With this LIYA is providing free education for all and equality on the job market while solving two major problems in business and society.


Uify’s low-code development platform empowers companies to efficiently create customized internal software solutions. Our collaborative building approach brings together technical and non-technical stakeholders, fostering effective teamwork throughout the development process. With Uify’s accessible interface, even non- or semi-technical users can easily build basic solutions themselves, reducing reliance on developers. We offer a wide range of integrations, ensuring all solutions are fully connected to your existing data stack.


Equipme equips teams to do the best work of their lives.
Equipme is the only supplier-open Everything-as-a-Service platform that enables companies to give teams and employees access to all services and equipment they need in order to do the best work of their lives. We streamline the employee onboarding and offboarding processes, as well as the management of inventory, subscriptions, and costs for IT, software, furniture, and any other equipment needed by employees. Equipme seamlessly connects business divisions with their IT-department and external service-providers to simplify access to services in a frictionless self-service experience, which eliminates process breaks and manual coordination efforts between all involved parties.

For business customers, the B2B marketplace is an employee shop, procurement platform, and asset management portal. At the same time, it enables suppliers to offer their products and services in a modern Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) approach. The SaaS platform is designed to allow companies to invite their existing service-providers as well as making use of the constantly growing network of suppliers already connected to Equipme.


OMIND platform is a SaaS model that offers mindset development as a Service! With the help of a digital tool & workshops, we enable every organization to develop their people’s innovation capabilities to cultivate a culture of innovation & collaboration. We empower individuals for the ever-changing world by creating an open innovation mindset – systematically & measurably – to get ready for the future and drive the change!

Based on our CEO’s Ph.D. research, we provide an evaluation to 1) capture the status quo of the individual’s innovation mindset and 2) systematically develop the mindset with the help of our algorithm tailored to each user. Our digital platform provides customized and regular reminders & development tips for implementation in daily life, an individual learning path as well as a behavioral reflection & peer acknowledgment feature after meetings to cultivate an open & collaborative culture.

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