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Join Europe’s most exclusive network! Hinterland of Things 2023 will be happening on-site and in person as an exclusive event of 1,500 C-level innovators in Bielefeld on 14 June 2023.


What opportunities are there for impact investments? How do I measure the impact of my startup investments? What are the trends in sustainable investing?

Investors like you need to ask these questions, and we need to talk about them!

We believe that responsible growth drives innovation, which is why it is one of the four guiding themes of the Hinterland of Things Conference 2023. 

Impact investments offer a wide range of opportunities to generate both financial and social returns. These include investments in renewable energy, sustainable real estate, social enterprises and companies that specialize in environmental technology. These investments not only have a positive impact on society and the environment, but also offer potential for long-term growth and stable returns. By combining financial goals with social and environmental values, you can have a sustainable and positive impact on the world while diversifying your portfolio. At this year’s Hinterland23, more than 100 speakers and thought leaders from strong international companies will share exciting insights and exclusive experiences about this with you.

To measure the impact of startup investments, clear goals and metrics should be defined that focus on social and environmental impact. For example, the startup’s contribution to reducing emissions, improving living conditions or creating jobs can be measured. It is important to check the regular progress of the startups to get an overview of their impact on society and the environment. By measuring the impact of the investments, it can be ensured that they are not only financially successful but also socially and environmentally successful. So it is not a black box. How can this be achieved? At Hinterland23, experts from these fields come together to share their knowledge, network and discuss the challenges of the future together. This is your chance to push this topic further in your VC.

A number of trends in sustainable investing have been emerging in recent years. Some of the most important are:

ESG criteria: More and more investors are considering ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria in their investment decisions. This involves identifying companies that deal responsibly with the environment, social standards and corporate governance.

Impact Investing: Impact investing is an investment approach that specifically invests in companies and projects that have a positive social or environmental impact. It is not only about financial returns but also about achieving sustainability goals.

Green bonds: Green bonds are a special type of bond used to finance renewable energy, energy efficiency or environmental protection projects. They offer investors a way to invest in sustainable projects while earning stable returns.

Engagement: More and more investors are using engagement to exert influence on companies and encourage them to act sustainably. This involves entering into dialogue with companies and getting them to take greater account of sustainability and social responsibility.

Digitalization: Digitalization enables investors to collect and analyze sustainability information more quickly and easily. Also in the field of impact investing, digital platforms and technologies can help to make investments more effective and measure impact.

These trends show that sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly becoming the focus of investors and an important part of investment decisions. Through the juxtaposition of business models, which offers exciting starting points for intensive panel discussions, significant learnings from the Hinterland of Things Conference will be shared. These discussions have always served as a starting point for exchange between the different groups of attendees.

For 5 years now, the Hinterland of Things Conference has established itself as the networking platform in Europe and has been the place to be for CEOs of family-run companies, founders and investors of leading VCs to discuss, learn and be inspired.

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Be part of Hinterland of Things Conference 2023

Join Europe’s most exclusive network! Hinterland of Things 2023 will be happening on-site and in person as an exclusive event of 1,500 C-level innovators in Bielefeld on 14 June 2023.